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Certificate of Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce ann Industry (FCCI)

Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce ann Industry (FCCI) is located in Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan. The Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry is ISO9001:2000 certified organization which was established in 1975. It is licensed under the Trade Organization ordinance 1961 and registered with the Directorate of Trade Organization, Ministry of Commerce Government of Pakistan. Its primary objective is to promote and protect the economic interest of those who are engaged in Trade, Commerce and Industry in Faisalabad. The Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce is affiliated with the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry(FPCCI).Rafiq spinning mills is an proactive member of Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

international standtad origanization(ISO) 9000 certified

In a changing world, the importance of quality systems (QSs) in organizations' excellence has been felt more and more, because it ensures consistent and desired product quality. ISO 9000 (1987) has evolved and is being updated continuously to provide necessary conceptual and structural input to the development of such a system. As a consequence, customers demand ISO 9000 certification from their suppliers. Implementation of ISO 9000 standards requires the establishment and development of a documented system, and the involvement of all the employees in adhering to it. This paper gives details of how a textile mill, with the help of a reputed consultancy organization, implemented ISO 9000 within 12 months and thereby achieved better quality products and also obtained the ISO 9000 certificate.

The organization Rafiq spinning mill engaged in the development and manufacture of cotton yarn, fancy yarn and other value added products (yarns).

Member of all pakistan textile mills associations

APTMA members are the core part of the Association. The association is proud of its members and always endeavors to support them in all aspects. There is a specified criterion to qualify for the membership. The subscribers of the Memorandum of Association and persons admitted to membership in accordance with these Articles shall be members of the Association (the word "Persons" shall include individuals, firm or company), provided that the intending member must hold a National Tax Number Spinning : the manufacturing unit must consist of at least 14,400 spindles or 5,000 rotors..