Our advance Ring Spinning mechanism consisting of 60,000 Spindles equipped with Real Time Ring Monitoring System (RTRMS). Serving superior quality is the main objective. Determined to acquire top of the line Plant & Machinery in order to produce quality-oriented yarn as well as to market our yarn at competitive prices with premium quality. We have significant market share in our national textile market with labelling our yarn with “Prince Brand”.

We are keen to export our yarn in International market and offer our potential buyers the premium quality of Yarn, which is made up of Organic Virgin Cotton, other virgin fibres & blended yarn at economical prices, providing extra ordinary customer service in order to gain customer loyalty. We are in regular production of Carded/Compact 10/single, 16/single, 20/single, 24/single, 30/single and 40/single in ring with Pure Cotton. We also offer Virgin Polyester & Cotton blended yarn (PC) of count 30/single and 31/single with ratio and free ratio. Our Ring Spun Yarn are mainly consumed by reputable exporters in national market, who are involved in export of Home Textiles, Towels, Knitwear, Hosiery, Garments and other textile made-ups.


We are running Open End (OE) Spinning since 1990 and holds remarkable market share in National Market. We offer variety of OE blended yarn in Pakistan’s textile market with brand names as “Prince Brand” & “Prince Qutub”.

We have persistently acquired advance plant & machinery since initial operations in 1990, the present manufacturing operations of Rafiq Spinning (Pvt.) Limited & Qutub Textile Mill (Pvt.) Limited have a total installed capacity of 15,000 rotors of OE Spinning with modish Trützschler mechanism for back process. We produce OE Yarn with virgin fibres as well as with recycled fibres, depends upon our valuable customers demand.
We are producing OE yarn of different blends, such as Pure Cotton, Polyester-Cotton with different ratios of polyester and cotton and we are also able to process wide range of Fibres including Polyester, Viscose, Tencel, Thermolite etc. We assure high class quality finishing of textile made ups, manufactured by our Open-End Yarn.
We believe that quality of yarn is the main key to manufacture high grade textile commodities. Our majority customers of OE yarn are towel manufacturers which are engaged in exports of high-quality towels & towel by-products. Our yarn boosts their production efficiency as well as gives extensive finishing to their value-added products. Our OE yarn’s various counts are also well-known in other industries like home textiles, gloves, canvas, denim and more. Our recycled cotton blended yarn is ideal for the production of all kinds of mops, socks, carpets, blankets, gloves, towels & bathrobes.
We offer range of yarn counts in OE Spinning in many blends, starting from 4/single to 30/single.

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