Who we are?

Rafiq Spinning Mill converts of fibers into yarn. These fibers can be natural fibers (cotton) or manmade fibers (polyester).Raifiq Spinning Mill also entails production of manmadefilament yarn (yarn that is not made from fibers). Final product of Raifiq Spinning Mill is yarn. Cotton value chain starts from Ginning that adds value to it by separating cotton from seed and impurities.Spinning is the foundation process and all the subsequent value additions i.e. Weaving, Knitting, Processing, Garments and Made ups, depend upon it. Any variation in quality of spinning product directly affects the entire value chain.Raifiq Spinning Mill is a reliable and well equip spinning mill.

Our mission:

Raifiq Spinning Mills (PVT)LTD. is committed to operating a successful business by developing, manufacturing, marketing and supporting quality yarn products for the world textile industry. We will accomplish this goal by Developing long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers Providing superior quality products at competitive prices Exceeding industry standards with exceptional customer and technical service Maintaining our competitive position through leading edge technology Providing a safe, fulfilling, and rewarding work environment for our employees, and Serving and supporting the communities in which we operate

Our main profile:

Employees Residential Colony

we provide a fully furnished accomodation to our employees which is Situated  inside our mill

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Rafiq Spinning mill

Rafiq spinning mill is our main unit which produce quality yarns which is famous in Pakistan and  all over the world. 

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Head Office

Our head office is situated inside rafiq spinning mill chak#193 r.b sherrianwala 19 km sheikhpura road fsd


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Open End Products

We can produce 10/single, 16/single, 20/single, 24/single in open end and with polyister is well.

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Ring Products

We can produce 10/single, 16/single, 20/single, 24/single, 30/single, 40/single in ring  with pure cotton.

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Muhammad Anwar & Brothers

Muhammad Anwar & brithers.Here we produce waste bales( to work it at open end) from hard waste through a complete procedure.

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Rafiq Group:

  • rafiq spinning mills
  • Qutab textile mills
  • muhammad anwar
    and brothers

head office:

  • Al-aziz street Factory
    area faisalabad.
  • ph#:+92-41-2616174
  • ph#:+92-41-2645078
  • ph#:+92-41-2638798
  • fax:ph#:+92-41-2638823

mill office:

  • chak#193 r.b sherrianwala
    19 km sheikhpura road fsd
  • ph#:+92-41-4362620
  • ph#:+92-41-4362621
  • ph#:+92-41-4362622
  • fax:041-4362619

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