Rafiq Spinning Mills

Business Strategy

Our name is synonymous with quality, service and competitiveness. Our motto is to produce supreme quality products at competitive rates. In order to do so we have adopted the following techniques:

Total Quality Management (TQM)
Assurance of endless improvement in quality that exceed customer expectations.
Just In Time (JIT)
Time efficiency with cost reduction.


  Our Business Philosophy revolves around the quality of products we produce; our people who relentlessly work for us with integrity and innovation; and safety of our employees, communities and environment we operate in.


  Superior quality demands commitment and we never cease to meet the expectations of our customers. Our highly trained employees are involved at every step of the way and contribute towards continuous improvements of our products with the goal to exceed customer expectations.


  Rafiq Spinning Mills Limited is well aware of its responsibilities towards its employees, society and communities. We have instituted a Provident Fund, Employees Old Age Benefit, and Life Insurance Schemes for the well-being of our employees and their dependents in cases of retirement or untimely death. The Social Relations between employees and management are admirable and conducive towards the achievement of exemplary performance by the Company. At Rafiq Spinning not only do we provide access to medical facilities for our employees and their families located at the plant site, but also the attainment of education for their children.


  Safety, Security, Health and Environmental hygiene is vital for the unrelenting success at Rafiq Spinning. Safety and environmental stewardship are given the utmost priorities priority at Rafiq Spinning’s production facilities. A safe environment inspires ceaseless improvement and the flexibility to cope with the needs of today and the future. Regular safety audits ensure protection of our employees and the communities within our vicinity. We endeavour to maintain a working environment that promotes safety and health of our employees.